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About Keetro

Founded in 2011 in Toronto by a recent business graduate from Conestoga College, Keetro began as a free online classifieds business (www.keetro.ca) and soon started focusing on web design. Alberto, the owner & founder, strongly believes that every individual and business should have the right to a website. However, the high prices on the market make it almost impossible for most people to even get started. Unless they put in a lot of time and effort to learn the ropes of DIY, that is. Why be forced to do so?

Keetro quickly developed a pricing model that would speak out exclusively to small businesses, professionals, and enthusiasts who couldn’t care less about coding or dragging and dropping.  Everyone here works tirelessly to bring affordable websites, apps, and other programs to small businesses and individuals and develop their web exposure. Don’t get put off by our low prices, they in no way reflect the quality of our service. We have removed the wildly unnecessary bells and whistles and left exactly what you need. The alternative?

A quick search on the Internet will tell you that in order to build a website you need to spend lots of hundreds of dollars. Or at least put your own time into using some existing website builders or admin panels, which you have to maintain and eventually engage in all the technicalities associated with building and maintaining a website. This can prove extremely costly and time consuming, especially if you are not familiar with how everything works.

If you do not know how or have the time to create a website, Keetro offers a surprisingly easy and affordable solution for getting one, empowering people like you to start their very own online presence (see Reasons to have a website here on our site).

We offer a website package with a number of services to create the best possible experience that meets your needs. Take a few minutes to explore our services and templates, which you can find on our Shop Websites page. Choose the one that best fits your business, add the template to your cart, checkout, and before long you will have the website you need.
My Site Keetro in Kensington Market Toronto

Kensington Market

Keetro is currently based out of a cool office on 156 Augusta Ave in eclectic Kensington Market. We share the space with an extremely creative group of illustrators, animators, graphic designers, and artists that can also help you in your venture. We are always happy to meet other members of the community, so if you have the time don’t hesitate to pop in and say “Hi!”.

Fun Fact – Why “Keetro”?

Alberto hails from Romania, an Eastern European country with a funny language (think Italian sprinkled with Russian and a dash of Greek). “Keetro” sounds similarly close to “chitros”, Romanian slang for cheap or affordable. Hence, My Site Keetro can roughly translate to “My Affordable Website”. We all have a story, what’s yours?

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