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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I get a website?

Having a website is extremely important in today’s age with the main reasons to have one being increased exposure and advertising, convenience for you as a business owner (for example: better customer service), and much more. We have compiled a short list of a few reasons why you should have a website, and you can find it here.

Do I need to already have a domain?

You do not need to previously have a domain to have a website on our server. We can help you get one for free. You can use our Domain Availability Checker to see if the domain you wish to connect with your website is available for use. Once you have found a suitable domain name, simply host one of our templates and let us know about the domain you chose. We will buy it and connect it with your website. All the necessary settings will be done by our team!

You can find more information about our Domain Service here.

Do I need any technical knowledge or any other web specific skills to get a website?

No, you do not need any skills or knowledge to build a website with our service. All you need to have is a valid email address in order to get a website and then request modifications to your website as you see fit.

We provide a more “hands-off” approach where you only tell us what you want for your website and we do it. Our Maintenance Service allows you to ask for modifications at any time! All that will be required from you is to provide us with the information that you wish to appear on your website such as contact information, products, services, “about us” information about your business, etc. Click on the “Add to Cart” button for the template you like in Shop Websites and then checkout. Simple.

How long before I can use my website?

As soon as you make a payment for your website, we will begin working on it and have it fully functional in less than 15 days. We will do all the necessary settings for your website and add standard content specific to your business. Once we believe the website is ready, you have 30 days to ask for any modifications including for the content and design. Please allow up to 24 hours for requested modifications to be made.

Can I modify any of my website's information once it's published?

Yes you can! As soon as we configure the chosen template for your website, you only need to use your email address to request changes to your website’s information such as telephone number, address, about us, etc. You can add and modify anything from pictures, to videos and music, to text about your services or products. Our team will modify any content or design that you request. Please keep in mind that, although we provide some standard content, we do not write any content for you, and that you need to provide us with it in order to add it to the website.


How do I get a website?

You can easily use our services by adding to cart one of the website designs that you think best fits your business. You can find the web designs on the Shop Websites page. You can see the template live by clicking on the “Live Preview” button. The price covers the Included Services and the design you choose, but please note that the main prices reflect only half of the value of the Initial Website Setup as you only need to pay for half to get started (the other half upon completion). Once you have decided on a template, add it to cart and checkout securely with PayPal. As soon as we receive the transaction details we will start working on your website to make it active. It will be finished and public within 15 days! At this point you can use your email address to request modifications to the content and design of your site. Please allow up to 24 hours for the requested modifications to be completed.

How can I check if the Domain I want is available?

We have you covered! To make it easy for you to see what domains are available, we have added a Domain Availability Checker module under “Tools” on our website. Simply type the name that interests you and choose the domain, then click “Check Availability”. If the message states that indeed it is available, then you can procceed to get a website with the name you want. Domain names are included in the All Inclusive Website Services Package and we will do all the necessary settings to connect it with your site.

How do I pick a website template?

Simply go to Shop Websites and browse for the template you think best fits your business (please disregard the dummy content; that will be changed!). You can see the template in action by clicking on the “Live Preview” button located lower on the template’s page. Once you have decided on a website design, add it to cart, click “View Cart” on the message that appears and then checkout securely with PayPal. You don’t need an account, just a valid credit card.

How do I pay?

Once you have decided on a website design, add it to cart, click “View Cart” on the message that appears and then checkout securely with PayPal. You don’t need an account, just a valid credit card. You will automatically receive an invoice from PayPal and we will contact you at the earliest opportunity to talk details.


What do I get for Domain?

Your website name can be your company name, an element representative of your business, or anything else. You can connect an existing domain or request us to get one for your use, which is included in the price of your website. See more information about the Domain Service here: Domain Service Information.

What do I get for Hosting?

Choosing a name and a template for your website is not enough. You also need hosting for it to become public. Think of it as having a business name, and a system of doing business in place, but no location. The Hosting Service provides you with the “space” for your website to function and My Site Keetro can offer you this service if you want us to also take care of your hosting. See the specifics on what you get with our Hosting Service at this link: Hosting Service Information.

What do I get for Maintenance?

With the Maintenance Service you can request us to make modifications to your website after the Initial Website Setup ends. We maintain your website in the best possible manner so that you can reap the benefits of an online presence without the headaches!

You can request modifications for your website by contacting us with your website’s office email or by using the email address you entered to get your website. For more information on the topic, see the Modifications FAQ under General Questions and also the Maintenance Service page.

What do I get for Advertising?

Hosting and Maintenance are not enough by themselves in the internet era. Therefore, we also provide you with online exposure. By advertising your website on, we get the word out there about your business. Your website will have Search Engine Optimization and traffic driven from Keetro. You can find more information on this service at this link: Advertising Service.

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