Google Adwords Campaign Setup Management Optimization

Google Adwords Campaign Management

This service is NOT included with the website price. Take advantage of the tremendous advertising power of Google without making any effort! Our Google Adwords experts will open an advertising campaign on Google for you, set it up and manage it. You don’t have to worry about anything. All you need to do is give us some details about your target market (area for example) and about what you want advertised (your website, your products or services, etc.) and we will do the rest for a small fee.

Benefits of Google Adwords

» Exposure: reach new customers and grow your business

» Control: choose the monthly budget that fits your needs (recommended minimum $100/month)

» Convenient: we do all the heavy lifting with the setup and management

» Flexible: with no strings attached, you can stop or pause at any time

» Efficiency: we want your business to succeed, therefore we do our best to squeeze as many visitors to your website for every penny as we can

» Targeted: advertisement reaches people who are searching for you

How does it work?

» Contact us to find out what will work best for you

» We will decide together on a monthly budget that will best suit your needs

» Setup costs are only $24

» Our monthly fee is only $24 no matter what your budget is

» You will receive a monthly report on how your budget was spent on Google Adwords and the campaign’s performance

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