Small Business Website Hosting Service

Website Hosting Service

Our Hosting Plan Includes:

1 GB Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth

Domain Name

Fully Functional Online Store up to 25 Products

5 Email Addresses with 250 MB Storage each

Monthly Backups

Flexible – Every Extra 1GB Storage/5 Emails are $3/month

My Site Keetro Website Hosting Extras

This service is NOT included with the website price. Choosing a name and a template for your website is not enough. You also need hosting for it to become public. Think of it as having a business name, and a system of doing business in place, but no location. Hosting provides you with the “space” for your website to function. You will find that our hosting package is more than enough for your business needs.

You do not need to know anything about webservers and domains or any of those other technical terms, we take care of everything and communicate with you in plain English, making it as easy as possible.

Our hosting plan has everything you need for your website, including domain name, 1 GB storage (more than enough for an average website), email addresses, backups and more! If you are looking for a great all inclusive hosting plan you can get our 1 Year Hosting ($96). Any additional GB of storage will cost only an extra $3/month.

Banners. Please keep in mind that income resulting from any advertising banners on your site placed by us belongs to WebAll Services. These banners appear by default when your site is activated and are optional, meaning that you can request their removal.

Get hosting for your website now!

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