Professional Website Maintenance and Support Service

Website Maintenance Service

This service is NOT included with the website price. Once all the initial settings for the setup of your website have been made by our team with the Initial Website Service, and your website is fully functional, it will need to be managed, content created and changed, and features implemented. Any time you will need something changed on your website, contact us and we will modify whatever you want. The cost will vary depending on the difficulty of the requested modification.

How does it work?

Website management is done by our team, based on your directions using only the email address you used to get your website. You can make requests for changes at any time for images, text, and other content on your website. Based on the complexity of the requested modification, the cost will be at least $5.

Simply contact us with the email address you used to get your website, or your domain one, stating the change you wish made, and we will give you a quote. Nothing gets started without your confirmation.

We reserve the right to reject or change any content that we deem inappropriate and/or illegal.

Furthermore, our agreement with clients is not bound by a contract, therefore both parties can end the collaboration at any time.

What does it include?

Modifications covered in the Maintenance Service include, but are not limited to:

  • adding and modifying of pages
  • adding and modifying of products and services
  • modifying of menus, boxes and banners
  • modifying website logo, social media and slider
  • modify website general settings
  • modifying website design

For other, more complex changes, you will receive a custom quote with a variable value based on the complexity of the modification.

Why is Maintenance important?

Most web designers will create your website and then leave you to fend for yourself unless you pay extravagant sums of money. Websites need to be managed once they are up and running and we provide this service at a low cost. The benefits of our web Maintenance Service:

  • you save time and money
  • request modifications using only your email address
  • you do not need any technical knowledge or expertise
  • our team’s professional and expert knowledge
  • our friendly staff
  • quick turnaround time

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