Professional Website Setup Service

Initial Website Setup Service

This service is included with the website price. After opening your website, our team will do all the necessary settings for it to be fully functional, including setting it up with a domain, getting a design template, and putting up a contact page with your information. Once the site is up, we will load it with standard content specific to your business; this will usually take a few days. After this, you will have a finished website, complete with content. At this point, you can ask for changes and provide visuals and text so that we may further personalize the website. The entire process lasts for 1 month, after which we will require the 2nd half of the payment. Any requests for modifications after the 1st month will be considered part of the Maintenance Service, and you will have to pay for them separately.

How does it work?

Once we have confirmation to open your website, we will go through an extensive process to setup the chosen template for you, connect the domain, and otherwise do all the preliminary work for a fully functional website. Your website will then be filled with standard content specific to your business. Once everything is done, you will receive an email from us notifying you that your website has been opened and you can start requesting changes to your website’s content and design.

Our team will keep in contact with you where you can tell us how you would like your website to look like and provide us with the content for it. In order to request modifications with the Initial Website Setup Service, simply send us what you need changed using only the email address that was used to get the website. You can make requests for changes at any time for images, text, and other content on your website.

After exactly 1 month from the opening of your website, the Initial Website Setup will end and any requests for modifications will be considered part of the Maintenance Service. This will allow you to request modifications for your website at any time, at an extra cost, meaning that our team will do all the work!

What does it include?

The Initial Website Setup includes all the settings required to have a fully functional website, complete with content. In other words, we will do all the work to get you started, including adding standard content specific to your business. This includes creation of pages, adding of text, images, videos, music and other files, website design modifications, and setup of modules like Social Media, Newsletter Subscription, Banners, etc.

The Initial Website Setup Service (available only for websites of up to 10 pages and 25 products and services altogether) includes the following:

  • adding and modifying of pages
  • adding and modifying of products and services
  • modifying of menus, boxes and banners
  • modifying website logo, social media and slider
  • modify website general settings
  • modifying website design
    • background image and colors of any area
    • font color, size, and style
    • no script modifications
  • creating Social Media profiles such as Twitter and Facebook

If you want a website with more than 10 pages and/or more than 25 products and services altogether, you can request a quote by Contacting Us after which you will receive an offer. The quote will have a variable value based on the complexity of the work required.

Benefits of the Initial Website Setup

Reasons to get the Initial Website Setup Service:

  • you save time and money (we do all the work for less!)
  • request modifications using only your email address
  • you will get a fully functional website without any headaches
  • our team’s professional and expert knowledge
  • our friendly staff
  • quick turnaround time

Setting up your Social Media presence

Here at My Site Keetro, we recognize the value of Social Media and how important it is to increase the connection with your customers. Therefore, all of our templates support Social Media, so you can connect your website to your Facebook and Twitter profile in order to engage your site visitors with your social media presence. The Initial Website Setup also includes opening you a Facebook page and Twitter account and filling it with your information. Once everything is set, we will give you access to it as an Administrator so you can change it however you like. Please keep in mind that we do not maintain the Social Media accounts, we simply create them.

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