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If you are looking for a small business web design solution to jump-start your online presence on a budget, you have reached the perfect place. Whether you have been in business for years and have an outdated website or you are just getting started, we got you covered!

We do all the setup and design for your website for less than $300. Our turnaround time of less than 14 days allows you to get started quickly without interfering with your schedule. By taking care of everything related to your website you can focus on what matters most, your business.

Most of our small business web design is done on everyone’s favorite platform – WordPress, which we are experts in. This means that when we’re done setting up and designing your website, you have the freedom and flexibility to modify content, if you wish.

You can browse through our curated selection of the best WordPress website themes for your small business. All the carefully selected themes are mobile responsive and have the features of a great website. Easily find the right fit for you. Choose the theme you like most and we will customize it for you at no additional cost. All prices cover Included Services. Click on the link to find out more! Also, see our pricing comparison against competitors at the bottom of the page.

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Most Popular Small Business Web Designs

Skilled Trades & Contractor Web Design

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Get in touch with us and we will recommend you the best small business web design.

Other Small Business Web Design

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According to, there are over 1,500 noteworthy small business types in Toronto. To keep the quality of the website designs high, we only included the most popular small businesses. We can still help even if your business is not here. Get in touch with us and we will help you get started with the best small business web design.

Pricing and Offering Comparison

We’re the Perfect Web Design Balance

My Site Keetro All Inclusive Web Design Other Custom Web Designers Best DIY Website Builders

My Site Keetro

Other Web Designers

DIY Website Builders

Basic Website Price

$298 (one time fee) >$1,500 $200/year


$8/month Maybe Included

Time you invest

Minimal (a few hours) Some hours A lot of hours and effort


Medium to High Medium to High Low, unless you are a web designer

Can take files to another host

Yes Maybe No, you are stuck with them


Included Extra Extra

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